This is the website of an adult organization MAsT:Naples. While there is no nudity, profanity or adult situations presented on this site, the site is not intended for youngsters. If you are not of legal age in the State, Province or Country from which you are visiting (at least 18 years old for Florida), or if you do not wish to see material dealing with voluntary servitude and other adult themes, then immediately leave this site. If you are old enough, mature enough and open-minded enough to continue, then please proceed.

MAsT exists as an education, support and resource group for individuals involved in, or interested in, the Master /slave (M/s) and other Power Exchange (PE) lifestyles. MAsT provides an opportunity and forum for the like-minded individuals to come together for discussion of issues that concern Masters and slaves, to share ideas and gain and/or share knowledge of the M/s and/or PE lifestyle.

The mission of MAsT is to support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders and all sexual orientations, living or seeking to live the Master /slave or Dominant/submissive lifestyle. We fulfill our purpose through local Chapters, support groups, educational and social opportunities.  This document is specifically about the MAsT:Naples Chapter.


General Rules

1.      Participants agree to hold confidential anything discussed in general or group sessions. You may discuss your own feelings and issues but not that of others.

2.      Prospective members must complete the vetting form and after approval attend 3 meetings to be considered for membership. Members must attend at least 4 meetings per calendar year and pay annual membership dues to maintain their membership.

3.      Masters are asked not order any slave, including their own, to discuss or divulge information or content of the slave's group session. The slave may speak of his/her own feelings or issues, but not that of others.

4.      Masters without a slave will be expected to take care of themselves while at MAsT meetings unless a slave of their own volition chooses to serve a Master.

5.      During meetings, please put your cell phones on vibrate or turn them off. If you must take a call, please step out into another room or outside.

6.      All conversations during a meeting are considered private. 

7.      Attendees' personal information is considered private, regardless should they choose to share it with the group. 

8.      Personal information learned during a meeting is considered confidential.